Hi there,

My name is Bas.

I'm a PhD student in computational musicology, interested in the cultural evolution of musics, and how musical traditions across the world differ.

Some people say 'music' should be a verb: something you do. It certainly is something I love doing. During my masters I rediscovered singing and a few years later I found myself studying classical voice at Utrecht Conservatory. Despite my name, if anything, I'm a baritone.

Besides that, I have worked as a graphic designer and webdeveloper for over a decade. All projects I have worked on can be found here.

Recent projects

Studying Large Plainchant Corpora Using chant21

We present chant21, a Python package to support the plainchant formats gabc and Volpiano in music21 and two large corpora of plainchant. In two case studies we analyze the melodic arch and the connections between antiphons and differentiae.

Mode Classification and Natural Units in Plainchant

We present a highly accurate model of mode classification in plainchant that also reveals the importance of natural units.

A Noteworthy Year
  • Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, Utrechts Conservatorium, Utrecht
Meesters&Gezellen: La Liberté Intérieure

Meesters&Gezellen led by Mathieu Romano and in collaboration with Aedes sings a French program.

  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Stevenskerk, Nijmegen
  • Orgelpark, Amsterdam
  • Grote kerk, Dalfsen
  • Catharinakerk, Eindhoven
  • Conservatorium van Maastricht
  • Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen
Ensemble Vierkant

Vierkant, dat zijn vier stemmen: Sara Corbey, Hanno Egger, Roberto Redondo Sainz en Bas Cornelissen. Vier zangers van het Utrechts Conservatorium met één gezamelijke liefde: koormuziek. Het vocale ensemble laat pareltjes uit de muziekgeschiedenis klinken, van de vroegste Renaissance tot muziek van vandaag.

  • Utrechts Conservatorium, Utrecht
In Freezing Winter Night

A Christmas concert with Britten, Poulenc and Distler. I will sing the evangelist in Distler's Weihnachtsgeschichte.

  • Lokhorstkerk, Leiden
  • Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam
Bayesian Language Games: Unifying and Evaluating Agent-Based Models of Horizontal and Vertical Language Evolution

My master's thesis proposes a Bayesian Language Game that incorporates two main branches of agent-based models as its extremes: iterated learning and naming games.

Fauré's Requiem

Campaign for a concert of the Cello8ctet Amsterdam and the VU-Kamerkoor.

Fietsen met Welstand