Curriculum vitae

Bas Cornelissen


Master historical voice with Xenia MeijerConservatorium van Amsterdam
Classical voice with Karin van der PoelHKU/Utrechts Conservatorium
PhD in computational musicologyInstitute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. Supervised by Jelle Zuidema, John Ashley Burgoyne and Henkjan Honing.
Master of Logic, major mathematicsUniversity of Amsterdam. Masters thesis on Bayesian models of language evolution.
BSc Bèta-gamma, major mathematicsUniversity of Amsterdam. Bachelor's thesis on non-measurable sets.
Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht


Is muziek universeel?Interdisciplinair Congres Amsterdam (ICA)
Evolution of music and musicalityGuest lecture in the course “Evolution: Culture and Human nature” at University College Utrecht.
Evolution of music and musicality
Logical music: Writing algorithms to recompose the music of Arvo PärtTalk in the Cool Logic seminar of the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (UvA)
Muziek en EvolutieGuest lecture in the course Evolutionair Denken (BSc Bèta-gamma, UvA)
Mode Classification and Natural Units in PlainchantGuest lecture in the course How Music Works: cognitive and computational perspectives (MSc Music Studies, UvA).
Dancing cockatoos and head-banging sea lions: Searching for the origins of musical listeningJoint lecture with Marianne de Heer Kloots in the Luisterweek of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague.
Cultuur, biologie muziek, muzikaliteitGuest lecture in the course Evolutionair Denken (BSc Bèta-gamma, UvA)
Muziek en EvolutieGuest lecture in the course Evolutionair Denken (BSc Bèta-gamma, UvA)
Models of structure in music, language and animal song and how it evolvesGuest lecture in the course How Music Works: Music Cognition (MSc Brain & Cognitive Science/Master of Logic, UvA)
Words adrift? An excursion into the cultural evolution of languageTalk in the Cool Logic seminar of the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (UvA)


TA How Music Works: Music Cognition (MSc Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Musicality summerschool(MSc Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Master of Logic, UvA)
TA/lecturer Evolution of Language and Music(BSc Psychobiology, UvA)
TA Cognitive models of language and music(MSc Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Evolution of Language and Music(BSc Psychobiology, UvA)
TA Basic Probability: programming(Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Foundations of neural and cognitive modelling(MSc Brain and Cognitive Sciences/Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Basic Probability: programming(Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Basic probability: theoryMaster of Logic, UvA
Tutor Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Summer School(MSc Brain and Cognitive Sciences/Master of Logic, UvA)
TA Mathematics as a Science(BSc Mathematics, UvA)
TA Computeralgebra & LaTeX(BSc Mathematics, UvA)
TA Basic Mathematics(BSc Mathematics, UvA)
Student tutor(BSc Mathematics, UvA)


A. KapteijnsBSc Artificial Intelligence, UvA; co-supervised with John Ashley Burgoyne
V. VogelmannMSc of Logic, UvA; co-supervised with Jelle Zuidema.
J. HölscherBSc Artificial Intelligence, UvA; co-supervised with Lisa Beinborn


De Verboden PassieCampaign for De Verboden Passie, the Dutch première of Maximilian Steinbergs Passion Week, which I co-organized in 2023.
Music Cognition GroupWebsite and visual identity for the Music Cognition Group.
Fonos: Jesu meine FreudePosters and flyers for Fonos' concert "Jesu meine Freude".
Singer-songwriters van de 17e eeuwPoster and flyers for a concert by Iris Bouman and Manou Schreiner
Ensemble Suspirium in Concert
Fonos: In AdventPosters and flyers for Fonos' Christmas project.
FonosVisual identity for ensemble Fonos an ensemble formed from singers that participated in Meesters&Gezellen in 2021.
Sums, Numbers and InfinityThe cover for Anna Bellomo's PhD thesis Sums Numbers and Infinity.
Verlangen & verlatenPoster and programme booklet for "Verlangen & verlaten", the final exam of Iris Bouman
TactileAn brand new visual identity for Tactile
Marmer CertificaatCertificate for participans in a training programme by Marmer.
A Noteworthy YearPoster and programme booklet for a concert I gave with fellow students at the Conservatory Utrecht. In collaboration with Ana Rosa Morfin
New Historical HorizonsBook cover for a first version of Thor Rydins PhD thesis.
Visual identity Vondelpark VerloskundigenVisual identity for Versloskundigen Vondelpark, a midwifery practice based in Amsterdam. The project was a collaboration with Ricus Smid/Act Impact.
Ajar AILogo and visual identity for, a young consultancy firm specializing in artificial intelligence.
Music Cognition Reading Group posters
Amsterdam Biolabs
Logo VU-KamerkoorA new logo in collaboration with Chantal Bekker/Act Impact.
TactileLogo and first version of their visual identity.
Fauré RequiemCampaign for a concert of Cello8ctet Amsterdam and the VU-Kamerkoor.
UvA Diversity CommissionVisual identity and layout final report.
UvA Democratisation & DecentralisationVisual identity and campaign for a university-wide referendum.
Serendipity ProjectsVisual identity
Visual identity for De OmslagVisual identity and many illustrations in collaboration with Roland van Dierendonck.
Visual identity United Netherlands
Tijdschrift voor Interdisciplinaire Studenten
Logo Ex Falso
Logo and visual identity Woodland Analytics
Docent van het JaarLogo for the yearly election of the teacher of the year at the University of Amsterdam.
Logo Study association Spectrum
Water: Interdisciplinair Congres Amsterdam
SchuldengeneratieProposal for campaign (not used).
Flyer J'aime Job Crafting
Strippenkaart Happy Chaos
Visual identity Studentenraad Universiteit van AmsterdamThe University of Amsterdam has eight student councils: one for every faculty and a central council. I was asked to redesign their logo and design a visual identity including a new website.
Logo Scherper dan Rood
Campaign for festival OntPopIn collaboration with Roland van Dierendonck
Visual identity SVBG
One Year to Celebrate FortyOne year to celebrate forty is an art project by my father Johan Cornelissen. He himself described it as "a visual journey through a year by means of twelve sculptures". The project was exhibited in 2012 but also published as a book with photos by Helena Arends and sketches by Johan. I helped with the layout of that book.
Nachos de la Noche
SVBG Lustrumboek
Visual identity Atelier voor LevenskunstAnnette Polman helps people to find meaning and happiness in work and life. The logo and visual identity of her Atelier voor Levenskunst was one of my first design projects, earlier ones being mostly web-based. Some years later I also designed her website.


Music Cognition GroupWebsite for the Music Cognition Group at the University of Amsterdam.
Bes kleinSimple one-pager for the ensemble Bes klein.
Iris BoumanWebsite for alto/mezzo Iris Bouman.
FonosSimple one-pager for ensemble Fonos.
Inquisitive SemanticsWebsite of Floris Roelofsen where he collects the latest developments in the field of inquisitive semantics. The website was designed and built in collaboration with Marianne de Heer Kloots.
De aarde is onder mijn voeten (v2)A modern web app for Johan Cornelissen's book De aarde is onder mijn voeten to replace the old website dating back to 2008.
CatafolkWebsite for the Catafolk project.
CLC LabWebsite of the cognition, language and computation lab at the University of Amsterdam
De Omslag(Archived)
Website voor Doro Theaterjuf
Website SkekIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
VechtzoomIn collaboration with Caroline Buiskool
PsychologiewinkelIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
NatoliIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
Christelijk Gymnasium UtrechtIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
Annexs juwelier goudsmidIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen. (Archived.)
Decanaat Christelijk Gymasium UtrechtIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
De aarde is onder mijn voetenIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen, who designed the book.


gatsby-source-publicationsGatsby source plugin to pull publications from bibtex, DOIs, or ORCID and format them using Citation.js.
Chant21chant21 is a library for plainchant in Python. It contains converters from GABC and Volpiano to music21, preserves the exact textual structure of the chant, and allows you to interactively explore this in Jupyter notebooks. For details, refer to the GitHub repository or the documentation.
Thread ArcsThread arcs for the web (developed for use at De Omslag)


Best paper award ISMIR 2020Award for the best multi-disciplinary research at the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference in 2020
ASML Technology Scholarship
Honorary member of study association Spectrum


Bach, J.S.
Cantata 4: Christ lag in Todesbanden(BWV 4)
Cantata 7: Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam(BWV 7)
Cantata 19: Es erhub sich ein Streit(BWV 19)
Cantata 61: Nunn komm, der Heiden Heiland(BWV 61)
Cantata 71: Gott ist mein König(BWV 71)
Cantata 106: Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit(BWV 106)
Matthäus Passion, Christ(BWV 244)
Johannes Passion(BWV 245)
Brahms, J.
Ein Deutsches Requiem — II. Herr, lehre doch mich(Op. 45)
Bruhns, N.
De profundis clamavi
Buxtehude, D.
Membra Jesu nostri(BuxWV 75)
Te Deum(H.146)
Distler, H.
Choralpassion(Op. 7)
Weihnachtsgeschichte, evangelist(Op. 10)
Fauré, G.
Requiem(Op. 42)
Mozart, W.A.
Requiem(K. 626)
Telemann, G.P.
Du aber, Daniel(TWV 4:17)
Vaughan Williams, R.
Dona Nobis Pacem
Fantasia on a Christmas Carol