Bas has worked as a freelance graphic designer and webdeveloper since 2008 on a wide range of projects, from small campaigns to larger corporate identities.

Selected projects

De Verboden Passie (2023)

Campaign for De Verboden Passie, the Dutch première of Maximilian Steinbergs Passion Week, which I co-organized in 2023.

Music Cognition Group (2023)

Website and visual identity for the Music Cognition Group.

Singer-songwriters van de 17e eeuw (2023)

Poster and flyers for a concert by Iris Bouman and Manou Schreiner

Fonos (2022)

Visual identity for ensemble Fonos an ensemble formed from singers that participated in Meesters&Gezellen in 2021.

Sums, Numbers and Infinity (2021)

The cover for Anna Bellomo's PhD thesis Sums Numbers and Infinity.

Tactile (2021)

An brand new visual identity for Tactile

Ajar AI (2019)

Logo and visual identity for, a young consultancy firm specializing in artificial intelligence.

Logo VU-Kamerkoor (2018)

A new logo in collaboration with Chantal Bekker/Act Impact.

Fauré Requiem (2017)

Campaign for a concert of Cello8ctet Amsterdam and the VU-Kamerkoor.

UvA Diversity Commission (2016)

Visual identity and layout final report.

UvA Democratisation & Decentralisation (2016)

Visual identity and campaign for a university-wide referendum.

Serendipity Projects (2015)

Visual identity

Visual identity United Netherlands (2015)
Docent van het Jaar (2014)

Logo for the yearly election of the teacher of the year at the University of Amsterdam.

Water: Interdisciplinair Congres Amsterdam (2014)

This is a selection of projects. For an overview of all design projects, have a look at my full CV.


Music Cognition GroupWebsite for the Music Cognition Group at the University of Amsterdam.
Bes kleinSimple one-pager for the ensemble Bes klein.
Iris BoumanWebsite for alto/mezzo Iris Bouman.
FonosSimple one-pager for ensemble Fonos.
Inquisitive SemanticsWebsite of Floris Roelofsen where he collects the latest developments in the field of inquisitive semantics. The website was designed and built in collaboration with Marianne de Heer Kloots.
De aarde is onder mijn voeten (v2)A modern web app for Johan Cornelissen's book De aarde is onder mijn voeten to replace the old website dating back to 2008.
CatafolkWebsite for the Catafolk project.
CLC LabWebsite of the cognition, language and computation lab at the University of Amsterdam
De Omslag(Archived)
Christelijk Gymnasium UtrechtIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen
Annexs juwelier goudsmidIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen. (Archived.)
De aarde is onder mijn voetenIn collaboration with Boris Cornelissen, who designed the book.