design 5 July 2018

VU Kamerkoor

The VU Kamerkoor is a chamber choir associated with the Vrije Universiteit. Their simple and powerful visual identity was designed by Chantal Bekker. Since I joined the choir in 2015, I’ve designed all programme booklets and some flyers, often working closely with Chantal.

poster design 1 January 2017

Fauré Requiem

In March 2017, Cello8ctet Amsterdam and the VU-Kamerkoor perform Fauré’s Requiem, specially arranged for eight cellos, choir and two soloists. The posters were inspired by this composition of cellos and singers.

website22 May 2016

Albert Janzen

Like myself, Albert studied logic in Amsterdam. And like myself, he has other interests. The line is one of them. Albert won the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2015 for his line drawings. Their abstract quality was the starting point for his website,

design & typography 1 January 2016

Diversity Commission

The lack of diversity remains a serious problem for Dutch universities. The Diversity Commission was installed at the University of Amsterdam to investigate how the situation could be improved. The design of their report had to send a clear signal, taking the ‘diversity circle’ as a starting point: “Let’s do diversity!”

campaign 1 January 2016

D&D Comittee

Democracy is in a crisis — at many universities, in any case. The University of Amsterdam installed a committee that explored more democratic and more decentralized ways to organize a university. Their findings were presented to the university in a referendum. I was asked to design the complete campaign for the referendum.

19 July 2015

Serendipity Projects

Serendipity Projects was an initiative of Johnny Kerkhof, for which I designed a logo and visual identity. The project is no longer continued.

website & visual identity 1 June 2015

De Omslag

In the spring of 2015, student protests in Amsterdam inspired a national debate about the role and future of our universities. To accomodate these conversations in a more durable way, some friends and I launched De Omslag, an online platform dedicated to an informed debate about the universities. Nardi Lam and I designed and built the website. The illustrations were made by Roland van Dierendonck, and coloured by me.

visual identity 2 March 2015

United Netherlands

Diplomacy keeps international politics running. United Netherlands is a student organisation that wants to open up this world of diplomacy to young enthusiasts. I tried to combine the diplomatic character with the playful growth of a phyllotactic spiral, when redesigning their visual identity, logo, and website.

magazine 1 February 2015

Tijdschrift voor Interdisciplinaire Studenten

TIS is a magazine for interdisciplinary students at the University of Amsterdam. I designed the magazine from 2011 to 2015, during which I changed the design several times. The TIS was a wonderful playground, allowing me to experiment with different ideas.

visual identity29 September 2014

Woodland Analytics

The digital age breathes data. But using data in a meaningful way is far from trivial. I tried to capture the difficulties involved in the visual identity of Woodland Analytics.

logo 8 June 2014

Docent van het Jaar

Every year, students at the University of Amsterdam elect the lecturer of the year. I was asked to design a logo for this election, for which I created a new typeface. The prize, two golden stilts symbolizing the balancing act a teacher has to perform, also figure in the logo.

logo & visual identity 1 May 2014


When my study association changed their name to Spectrum in 2013, I was asked to design a new logo: a friendly, and hopefully wise owl.

campaign 1 January 2014


The Interdisciplinary Congress Amsterdam is a yearly congres organized by students from the University of Amsterdam. I designed the campaign for the 2014 edition.

visual identity26 October 2013


The University of Amsterdam has eight student councils: one for every faculty, and a central council. In 2013, I was asked to redesign their logo and design a visual identity, including a new website.

various 1 January 2013


I first started experimenting with graphic design and typography during my bachelor studies. My study association, then called SVBG, was a driving force, being in constant demand of compaign designs, cards, websites, and so on. Shown are some examples from 2010 until 2013. In that year, the association changed their name to Spectrum, for which I then designed a new logo.

book21 November 2012

One year to celebrate forty

One year to celebrate forty is an art project by my father Johan Cornelissen. He himself described it as “a visual journey through a year by means of twelve sculptures”. The project was exhibited in 2012, but also published as a book with photos by Helena Arends and sketches by Johan. I helped with the layout of that book.

visual identity & website 1 September 2011

Annette Polman

Annette Polman helps people to find meaning and happiness in work and life. The logo and visual identity of her Atelier voor Levenskunst was one of my first design projects, earlier ones being mostly web-based. Some years later, I also designed her website.

website 1 January 2008

Atlas van een creatief proces

The Atlas van een creatief proces is a book written by my father, Johan Cornelissen, about his life as an artist. Together with my brother, Boris, we digitized all of his work and published this on a website accompanying the book. I learned to programme while, and in order to, make this website. Boris went on to design the subtle serif typeface in which the book is set, and also designed the book. A unique family project, one can say.