Diversity Commission

The lack of diversity remains a serious problem for Dutch universities. The Diversity Commission was installed at the University of Amsterdam to investigate how the situation could be improved. The design of their report had to send a clear signal, taking the ‘diversity circle’ as a starting point: “Let’s do diversity!”

Democratisation and Decentralisering Comittee

Democracy is in a crisis — at many universities, in any case. The University of Amsterdam installed a committee that explored more democratic and more decentralized ways to organize a university. Their findings were presented to the university in a referendum. I was asked to design the complete campaign for the referendum.

Fietsen met Welstand

Cities like Amsterdam are always changing. Often, these changes are carefully evaluated by the city’s aesthetics and monuments committee. The committee collected their most recent work in six cycling routes, for which I developed the interactive website fietsenmetwelstand.nl.

De Omslag

In the spring of 2015, student protests in Amsterdam inspired a national debate about the role and future of our universities. To accomodate these conversations in a more durable way, some friends and I launched De Omslag, an online platform dedicated to an informed debate about the universities. Nardi Lam and I designed and built the website.

Serendipity Projects

The S in the visual identity of Serendipity Projects is almost an accident — serendipity, but literally.


Every year students from the University of Amsterdam organise the Interdisciplinary Congress Amsterdam. For the 2014 edition on water, I designed all promotion.

Woodland Analytics

The digital age breathes data. But using data in a meaningful way is far from trivial. I tried to capture the difficulties involved in the visual identity of Woodland Analytics.

Bas Cornelissen

Over six years ago, I first started experimenting with graphic design and webdevelopment. A selection of my work is shown above.

As a masters student at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, I'm currently writing my thesis with Jelle Zuidema. It's all about (Bayesian) models of language evolution — more about that in the posts below.

Tutorial on Hierarchical Bayesian Models

This tutorial works through chapter 9 of Goodman & Tenenbaum’s ProbMods. Assuming little prior knowledge, the first part deals with bags of marbles. That forms the basis for the second part about learning overhypotheses.

0 Introduction

Outline of the tutorial and a very brief introduction to JavaScript

1 Bags of marbles

Hierarchical models of bags of marbles

2 Hierarchical models

Learning overhypotheses in hierarchical models

I originally prepared this tutorial for a course on neural and cognitive modelling at the University of Amsterdam.

Bayesian models of iterated learning

1 Bayesian models of iterated learning

Iterated learning with probabilistic agents in a Markov Chain

2 Iterated Learning with Bayesian Programs

Modelling language learners as probabilistic programs in WebPPL

Other posts

1 An Introduction to Expectation Maximization

Introduces EM by extending parameter estimation for complete data to the incomplete case.



A JavaScript library for BibTeX citations on the web. Demo GitHub

Thread Arcs

A JavaScript thread arc vizualization using Raphael.JS. Used by De Omslag. Demo GitHub

More about me

I'm currently finishing a masters in Logic at the University of Amsterdam. During my interdisciplinary bachelor at the same university, I majored in Mathematics. During my masters, I received an ASML Technology Scholarship.

Some work & projects

  • Poster presentation at the ICMPC (2016). Cornelissen, B., Sadakata. M., & Honing, H. A classification approach to the speech to song transformation.
  • Guest-curator with Rens Bod in the exibition Out of the Box of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam.
  • My BSc thesis dealt with the role of the axiom of choice in several constructions of nonmeasurable sets. Benedikt Löwe and Hugo Nobrega were my supervisors.