Bas Cornelissen

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bas Cornelissen. Large parts of my everyday week are spent studying in some library in Amsterdam, where I live. Although the content of those books I try to understand would usually be rather mathematical, they sometimes deal with very different topics, such as typography or graphic design. Indeed, such fields are equally interesting as difficult and the more you read and try, the more you look up to those fine artists, designers, and those meticulous monks, typo- graphers, who made me try my hand at graphic design. A selection of my efforts have been collected on this page.

Please note that this site is under semi-permanent construction. Hopefully I can add some nice interaction soon.

Bas Cornelissen


The 2014 edition of the Interdisciplinary Congres Amsterdam on water

This congress is organized every year by students from the studies Bèta Gamma and Future Planet studies at the Universtity of Amsterdam. I designed all promotion for the 2014 edition on Water.

Bas Cornelissen


Study association for interdisciplinary students in Amsterdam

In 2014 a new logo was designed for Spectrum, the study association of interdisciplinary students at the University of Amsterdam.

Many thanks to Rens Baardman and Isa Mulder, who helped me with the project

Bas Cornelissen


University of Amsterdam Student Councils

In the University of Amsterdam, all of the seven faculty have a student council. Together with the central student council, they form the formal representation of students in Amsterdam: de Studentenraad. I was asked to redesign the visual identity for all of those councils.

Bas Cornelissen


Jeweller in central Utrecht

In the heart of Utrecht, Annexs jewelers make their own fine jewellery. This is a flyer for their tenth anniversary. Togehter with Boris Cornelissen I also built their website, some years ago.

For the images, I must credit some unknown photographer...

Bas Cornelissen


The magazine for interdisciplinary students

TIS is a magazine made by students from interdisciplinary programmes at the University of Amsterdam. For over three years, I have been in responsible for the layout.

The colourful background image in the first picture was taken by Emma Schook. The drawing on the right is by Frankie Pols. Authors of the other images are unknown to me.

Bas Cornelissen

Johan Cornelissen

A selection of projects commissioned by Johan Cornelissen

Johan Cornelissen is an artist, trainer and tai chi teacher, who seems to be starting new initiatives all the time. Oh, and he happens to be my father :-) Shown are J‘Aime Job Crafting (current project), Karuna Werkplaats and the book One Year.

Handwriting and drawing by Johan Cornelissen. The photo in the lower left corner was taken by Heleen Arends.

Bas Cornelissen


Various other projects

Below you first find some promotional materials for my student association (Spectrum). The magazine was is unpublished; it was a course assignment. The book, finally, was published in honour of the lustrum of SVBG (now Spectrum).

Drawings on the first poster (not shown) were made by Roland van Dierendonck. Photo's in the magazine are from sources unfortunately unknown to me.

Bas Cornelissen

Get in touch

You can find my by sending an email to info at Alternatively, I appear to have a LinkedIn and a GitHub account. With some luck you might even find me on Twitter or Facebook. But, please, send an email :-)

This website gratefully used the spectacular typeface Alegreya Sans by Huerta Typográfica. (Also available at Google Fonts.) The code was written using a Sublime text editor and thanks to Sass and Koala, I could write all CSS without longing to the grave... By the way, this website was only tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Further testing on the way?

Bas Cornelissen

My studies and other projects

An overview of some other, hopefully interesting, things

In 2014, I finished the interdisciplinary Bachelor's programme Bèta Gamma, with a major in mathematics. Following that, I started with the Master of Logic at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam.

At this moment, I am student assistent the research project 'Medical question answering over Linked Data' funded by Amsterdam Data Science. You can find us on GitHub.