Selected projects

Fauré's Requiem

Campaign for a concert of the Cello8ctet Amsterdam and the VU-Kamerkoor.

Fietsen met Welstand
Democratisation & Decentralisation Committee
Diversity Commission
Serendipity Projects
United Netherlands
Woodland Analytics
Docent van het Jaar

A logo for the teacher of the year campaign at the University of Amsterdam, set in a custom typeface.

Water: Interdisciplinair Congres Amsterdam

All design work for the Interdisciplinary Congress Amsterdam (ICA) 2014.

Studentenraad Universiteit van Amsterdam

Visual identity for the student councils of the University of Amsterdam

One Year to Celebrate Forty

Renewed the visual identity of the student councils of the University of Amsterdam.

Atelier voor Levenskunst

Visual identity for Annette Polman and her Atelier voor Levenskunst.

De aarde is onder mijn voeten

Website acccompanying Johan Cornelissens book De aarde is onder mijn voeten. It includes extra images, audio and sattelite imagery.